Starting With Alpacas


Supporting Enquirers and New Members in the CCH Region

At the December 2015 Ordinary Regional Meeting the idea of setting up an approach to support enquirers and new members to the CCH region was endorsed and was launched in 2016.  A committee member, Lesley Russell, is the coordinator of the program.  In brief the approach aims to put enquirers and new members in touch with a willing CCH member (a “buddy”) in their vicinity.  After the coordinator initiates contact with the new person, the buddy will offer the new person information about alpacas and answer any questions they may have, or else direct them to where they may be able find that information.

The rationale behind the program is to support people who have just become involved with alpacas, or who are considering such involvement.  It is hoped that personal contact with a breeder who has first hand experience of alpacas will help make the new member’s experience a successful one, and encourage enquirers to further pursue their interest in alpacas and ultimately become members. Current members who are interested in being part of the program should contact the coordinator () who will add your name to the list of “buddies”.

When up and running the program will operate this way.

  1. A list of enquirers and new members is sent out regularly from the AAA to the secretary. The secretary will pass on the names of enquirers and new members to the program coordinator.
  2. The coordinator will contact the enquirer/member to explain the support system we have in place and see if she or he would like to be contacted by a nearby member. If so, from the list of buddies, the coordinator will choose the buddy closest to the enquirer/member, and will give the buddy the new person's contact details.
  3. The CCH member will contact the person. When passing on information the CCH member will remain impartial providing the person with options where appropriate, e.g. a choice of local breeders for purchasing alpacas or services.
  4. After three months, if a link between the new person and a current member was established, the coordinator will contact the new person to check on their alpaca experience. This will help the committee stay in touch with people new to the industry as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the program.


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