Article Guidelines


General Disclaimer: as per the disclaimer elsewhere on this site, neither the CC&H regional committee or the AAA LTD specifically endorse or support any article or sale item posted on the regional web site and any opinions are those of the relevant author/ vendor and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the AAA LTD at either a regional or national level. Members are encouraged to seek veterinary advice before applying any health or welfare practices and any information on this web site regarding alpaca health and welfare is not meant to be a substitute for or intended to be used as veterinary advice.

Submission of articles:

  • Articles for submission for the regional web site are to be sent electronically to the regional web editor. The web editor will check that the article meets these guidelines. Should the web editor have any concerns regarding the article, they may at their discretion, table the article with the regional committee for discussion and a decision regarding suitability of the article for the regional web site. The committee’s decision will be final.
  • Any articles supporting, suggesting or directly recommending any practice or goods that are illegal will be declined.
  • Articles should be for the sharing of information and not substitutes for the promotion of specific products or individual studs or animals. Articles deemed to be advertising in whole or part will not be posted.
  • Articles that are slanderous and or negative toward another breeder/s directly or the AAA will not be posted.
  • Articles are posted free of charge as service to regional members and for the information of web site visitors.
  • All articles are to be in PDF
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