Mid North Coast Local Area


The Mid North Coast, which also includes the Taree and Forster areas are popular for tree & sea changers alike. The warm, temperate to sub tropical climate, is very attractive to many & the higher rainfall ensures year round green paddocks. Small acreages are available at reasonable prices in many areas & having a small herd of alpacas on your little piece of paradise is also becoming quite popular.

The local area encompasses the Belingen, Nambucca, Hastings & Manning Valleys. Both Suri & Huacaya are living in these areas quite well with spring being a popular time for shearing. The mid north coast hosts some of the best beaches, eateries & places of interest & the fishing is pretty good too.Alpacas are very inquisitive animals and can provide you with plenty of joy watching them interact with other species and yourself. The alpaca owners in the mid north coast have a well organised breeder network with plenty of events and get-togethers that add value to owning alpacas in the area, making the whole lifestyle a wonderfully pleasurable and satisfying venture.

Newcomers to the industry are always made welcome.


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